The Brush Robot!
One of the favorite robots for kids age 7 and up is the Brush Robot. It is quite popular with both boy and girl Roboteers. This adorable, buildable robot scuttles along on a mechanized brush (included), powered by rapid vibrations from its motor. Each kit also includes an attachable paint brush so you can see BR's movements.

Brush Robot will sweep you away!
Check out the video below to get an idea of his personality.
Build this robot at your next birthday party and have loads of creative fun. Who knows maybe this little robot may clean your room for you! He is not just a worker, he is also an artist, check out this video from the manufacturer 4M, this little guy shows some color.


If you like that maybe you want to know how it works.
It buzzes like crazy and moves across the table but how does this thing work? When a kid asks "how does this work?" the techs at centertec are here to say this is how, or lets go find out. The Mr. Elf has prepared this little video to show you the inner secrets of how the Brush Robot moves.
There are many more robots that use the vibrabot concept to move about. Most are really simple to make, you just need a battery holder, a motor and some sticky tape. Tape your motor onto a toothbrush, hairbrush, or anything with a few legs and watch it zip across the room. Try to build one yourself at centertec. You may be surprised who else loves building bots.
Have Fun Building Robots and remember: Life is Better With Robots!
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