How to Build it

A great starter robot. Good for kids as young as 5…yes, with a little help kids as young as 5 can build a walking robot! This fully motorized and easy to assemble kit brings the world of robotics to kids before they even start elementary school.

The great part about this kit is that once the kids finish building the robot itself our party team will show each child how they can make a beak and head out of pipe cleaners. When they're done, it'll look real enough to quack!


A Little History and a Little Fun


Robotic ducks have a place in history as one of the earliest automatons was the digesting duck created by Jacques de Vaucanson in 1739. The digesting duck was a mechanical animal designed to eat corn digest it and drop it out the back end. Vaucanson was quite an interesting character, born in the french town of Grenoble in 1709 then spent most of his life attempting to create living automatons. His work has been commented on by the writer Voltaire and is written up in the history of computers.He created a flute player that would breath to blow a flute. Interesting that he started with breath then moved straight to digestion in his quest to build living automatons. Well he did live in France where after breathing enjoying great food essential to life.


Not a robot but still a lot of fun, a Giant Rubber Duck has been showing up all over the world and has recently appeared in Pittsburg. It is the creation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, his vision was that the whole ocean is a giant bathtub connecting all people of the earth and every bathtub needs a rubber ducky. It appears that the duck is built on the same principle as the familiar bounce house. A giant fan continuously blows air into the duck to keep him inflated and actually suffered a deflation while visiting Hong Kong. The duck draws large crowds wherever he shows up so keep an eye out for him and get there early when he inflates in your town.

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